You Rate the New Releases: 'Chronicle,' 'The Woman in Black' and 'Big Miracle'

Go Giants! 

Should we just end there? No? Darn. But yeah, congrats to the New York Giants on their triumphant, memorable Super Bowl win, and congrats to the low-budget Chronicle for debuting at number one with $22 million and proving you don't need a lot of money or stars to open number one at the box office these days. All you need is a little creativity, a fun marketing campaign and something that everyone can relate to. In the case of Chronicle, it combined the superhero genre with the found-footage genre, and the outcome can only be positive since both those genres are hotter than hot right now. 

But Chronicle didn't run away with this weekend -- oh no, Daniel Radcliffe proved he still has some solo box office power after the eight Harry Potter movies, with his spooky flick The Woman in Black opening at number two with $21 million. The save-the-whales flick, Big Miracle, needed a bit more than a miracle to top the superheroes and The Radcliffe as it dropped to fourth place with $8.4 million.

In terms of critical concensus, Chronicle lead the way with 85% Fresh at Rotten Tomatoes, giving it the coveted double whammy being popular with both the box office and critics. The Woman in Black did pretty well, too, collecting 62% Fresh, while Big Miracle finished between the two with 71% Fresh.

Like I said on Friday, it was a good weekend for movies (and football), and we hope you enjoyed yourself. But now it's your turn to pipe up and let us know how you rated the new releases. Sound off in our polls below and in the comments section!





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