You Rate the Box Office Winner: The Twilight Saga: Eclipse

In only 6 days of release, The Twilight Saga: Eclipse has grossed a whopping $275 million worldwide! It’s a lot, sure, but it wasn’t enough to hand the sequel any serious box office records (except for biggest Wednesday opening), though it did come in number two (behind New Moon) in the single day gross category with $68 million. Summit’s probably kicking themselves right now, because if 3D was added to Eclipse, we’d be seeing much bigger numbers – the kind that could rival, say, The Dark Knight and maybe even Avatar. Eclipse could’ve become the biggest movie of all time! (Okay, calm down – breathe – we’re getting ahead of ourselves …)

Obviously this was a big film for you Twi-hards, but did it live up to the hype? In our poll on Friday, I asked you to vote for your favorite Twilight film. As of the time of this writing, 74% of you chose Eclipse, while 15% chose Twilight and only 11% picked New Moon. Seems like the majority of you feel Eclipse turned out to be the best installment so far, though if we narrow it down will you still feel the same way?

Sound off below in our latest poll and let us know how you really feel about Eclipse. Have you already seen it more than once, or are you satisfied with a single screening?

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