You Rate the Box Office Winner: Inception

Though it didn’t exactly smash any records, Inception pulled in a very respectable $60 million at the box office this weekend, proving there’s still a lot to be made on an original idea. The good thing for Warner Bros. is that in Inception they have a film that really needs to be seen more than one time in order to fully understand all of its complexities. So, with that in mind, look for Inception to play it slow and steady at the box office, retaining decent numbers for the next few weeks. Now if it had been in 3D, then, well, we’d be looking at much bigger numbers. (It’s funny, too, because while we may be tired of 3D at this point, tell me Inception wouldn’t have looked awesome in 3D.)


Yes, Inception did shove others aside in order to claim the top spot, but does it deserve it? A lot of people questioned whether Inception would be too “smart” for a summer audience, but I didn’t think the film was that hard to figure out. The real fun begins once you attempt to dissect Inception, along with all its different interpretations (he’s dreaming, she’s dreaming – they’re all dreaming … but then who’s dream are we in?). Did you think it was too difficult to understand? And if so, which parts?
Before Inception hit theaters, critics were calling it a “masterpiece” and a “miracle”. Over on IMDB, it’s already ranked as the third greatest film of all time. While that’s taking it a little too far (the film came out three days ago), I do think Inception will have staying power and people will probably be discussing it for years.
Was it a masterpiece, or are people hyping it up too much? Sound off below and then let us know what you really thought of the film in the comments section.

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