You Rate ‘Knight and Day’ and ‘Grown-Ups’

Since Toy Story 3 was victorious for a second weekend in a row (my prediction – thank you very much!), we can’t ask you to rate the week’s box office champ because you already did that last week. So, instead, we want to know what you thought about the two runners-up – both of which made up this week’s slate of new releases.

'Grown Ups'

Grown-Ups was the closest to beating out Toy Story 3, proving that kids really do rule when it comes to summer box office dollars. Its $41 million wasn’t all too close to Toy Story 3’s $59 million, but for a film that was horrifically bashed by critics, the Adam Sandler flick didn’t do too bad for itself. So we ask you: What was the appeal? Was it Adam Sandler, the entire ensemble cast (Kevin James, Chris Rock, David Spade and Rob Schenider) or was it the fact that it involved a bunch of kids?
Feel free to rate the film in our poll below, then let us know what appealed to you in the comments section.

Meanwhile, this week’s other new release found Tom Cruise returning to the big-screen in an action-comedy starring Cameron Diaz. Surely that one-two A-list punch would mean buckets of box office dollars, right? Well, wrong. Knight and Day finished in third place with a $20 million three-day opening, barely beating out the opening of a similar-themed flick, Killers, which starred Ashton Kutcher and Katherine Heigl and opened up in May. Are the rom-com/action flicks not doing it for ya? Is Tom Cruise losing some of his appeal? Or were the other offerings just that much more appealing?
Rate Knight and Day in our poll below, then tell us why you think it did so poorly at the box office in the comments section.
Next week: Get ready for The Twilight Saga: Eclipse!

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