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It's been a week full of weird trailers and even weirder casting rumors – one that took us from the set of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse to the wonderful Land of Oz … again. But out of all the crazy, sexy and cool movie news served up this week, which story do you think is the biggest, the baddest and the hottest? Check out the five top stories from this past week, then vote in the poll below for which one you feel deserves top honors.

  1. 'Eclipse' Kiss – Talk about hot -- the first images from the set of The Twilight Saga: Eclipse arrived online this week, and they showed Bryce Dallas Howard (who replaced Rachelle Lafevre as Victoria) smooching it up with Xavier Samuel (as Riley). Looks like we're in for a little vampiric seduction in the next sequel, out next summer. Yum! [Read More]
  2. 'Wizard of Oz' Sequel – Turns out folks are kicking around the idea for a new Wizard of Oz sequel; this time focusing on a darker, more contemporary tale about Dorothy's granddaughter, who some say may be played by Dakota Fanning. Hey, she melts our hearts! [Read More]
  3. Megan Fox as Catwoman – Oy, another random false rumor from across the pond stirred up quite the online reaction this week when Britain's The Sun came out and claimed Megan Fox had been cast as Catwoman in Christopher Nolan's next Batman film. Of course she hasn't been cast, but folks had some fun with it while it lasted. [Read More]
  4. 'Inception' Trailer – And speaking of Christopher Nolan, the first teaser trailer for his next film, Inception, arrived online this week – and though the film doesn't come until summer 2010, this teaser definitely piqued our interest in what essentially looks to be a Matrix-like thriller that's sure to play some mind games on us. [Read More]
  5. 'Hancock 2' – It was rumored for awhile, but official news finally hit alerting us that Will Smith would indeed be making a sequel to the box office hit (but critical miss) superhero flick Hancock. Two writers were assigned the job of putting together a script that tops the original film's storyline…which shouldn't be too hard of a task. [Read More]
Now it's your turn to vote…which of these stories do you think is the hottest of the week? Sound off below…

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