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I don't know what it is about this summer, but once again we're ending the week with the tragic death of a beloved iconic figure in the entertainment industry. We need a breather here – maybe the man upstairs can give us a month or two off, whaddya think? This was also a busy week for Leonardo DiCaprio, and a potentially devastating one for Twilight author Stephanie Meyer. Below are what I believe to be the five hottest stories of the week. But that's as far as I'll take it – read on and then vote below for which story you think stands out as the biggest, grandest and hottest of the week that was.

  1. John Hughes Passes Away – Late yesterday afternoon we learned that iconic 80s writer-director John Hughes had passed away due to a sudden heart attack while taking a morning stroll in New York City. Hughes, of course, is known most for directing some of the greatest teen-centric comedies of my generation, including The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Weird Science and Sixteen Candles – not to mention National Lampoon's Vacation and Uncle Buck. Hughes also wrote such memorable films as Mr. Mom, Home Alone and Christmas Vacation. A comedic genius, in my opinion … and he will forever be missed. For more, check out Chuck's piece on Mr. Hughes.
  2. The Twilight Lawsuit – What's worse than actually having to watch the movie Twilight? How about being sued by a 15-year-old claiming you ripped off her ideas. That's what's currently happening to Twilight author Stephanie Meyer, as she's being sued by a girl (now 21) who claims Meyer ripped off her unknown vampire book while writing Breaking Dawn, the final installment in the Twilight series. [Read more]
  3. Leonardo DiCaprio Preps Tons of Projects – Just this week alone Leonardo DiCaprio's name came up with regards to two different projects, making it so his name is now loosely attached to upwards of 25 potential movies! The new additions for him are a Gothic-inspired Little Red Riding Hood adaptation (which he's only producing), and a Brave New World adaptation (which he's producing and potentially starring in).
  4. Spielberg's Next Film – Though he'd been working on several things at once, Steven Spielberg finally chose the next film he'll direct and it'll be a remake of the 1950 flick Harvey (starring James Stewart), about a mild-mannered everyman who's convinced his imaginary best friend is a giant rabbit. Tom Hanks already declined to star, leaving Spielberg's other top choice, Will Smith, all alone to make a decision. Will he do it? [Read more]
  5. Peter Jackson's 'Lovely Bones' Trailer – The director behind the Lord of the Rings trilogy is finally returning to theaters with a quieter family drama with fantasy and thriller elements. Based on the bestselling book, The Lovely Bones trailer looks pretty fantastical – with Jackson working wonders on that space between heaven and earth where our main character stays and watches over her family as they attempt to hunt down her killer. Could Jackson win another Oscar? You be the judge. [Read more]
Now it's your turn to vote – which of these five stories do you think is the hottest of the week?

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