You Pick the Box Office Winner: Will 'Warm Bodies' Heat Up the Box Office?

Welcome to February, the best month for feeling really cold. Of course that's only if you live in a cold place, and if you do then February is probably your favorite time to go to the movies. This may be a great weekend to get out and warm up in a darkened theater, too, with the appropriately titled Warm Bodies arriving on screens alongside a hot action movie starring Sylvester Stallone and a heist comedy starring a trio of hot older actors. Did I use the word "hot" enough? Do you feel hotter? Anyway, let's take a closer look ...

Warm Bodies

What's the Scoop: Based on the popular novel by Isaac Marion, Nicholas Hault plays a highly unusual zombie who's caught somewhere between feeling human emotions and acting like one of the walking dead. When he meets and subsequently falls for a human girl (Teresa Palmer), his love for her may be the first step to discovering a cure for all zombies.

Why It Might Win the Weekend: Good reviews, an established fanbase and the popular supernatural romance trend should significantly help Warm Bodies in the box office department. Plus dudes who see it with their girlfriend can always use the following get-out-of-a-fight excuse, "Hey, at least I'm not a zombie!" 

Bullet to the Head

What's the Scoop: Sylvester Stallone and his old muscles team up with a detective to help track down the bad guy who took out both of their partners. 

Why It Might Win the Weekend: Besides the promise of non-stop action, this one also comes from the great Walter Hill, who directed such old-school classics as Red Heat, The Warriors, 48 Hrs and Brewster's Millions.

Stand Up Guys

What's the Scoop: Aging con men attempt to get their old gang back together for one last assignment.

Why It Might Win the Weekend: Because it's impossible not to want to see a movie starring Al Pacino, Christopher Walken and Alan Arkin. They may as well retitle this one Grumpy and Eccentric Old Men.

My Prediction: It's cold out and moviegoers will want a little something that warms their soul. Expect Warm Bodies to sneak away with a win here.

My Pick of the Week: One of my favorite movies that premiered at the 2013 Sundance Film Festival was Dave Grohl's electrifying doc Sound City (read my review), about the legendary recording studio in Los Angeles and how it helped birth so many of our favorite recording artists in the '70s, '80s and '90s. Though it literally just premiered at the festival, you can now watch it over on iTunes. Music lovers are gonna dig this one big time.

Alright, now it's your turn -- let us know what you're watching this weekend, and which movie you think will win the weekend box office. 


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