You Pick the Box Office Winner: Will Jack and His Giants Slay the Competition?

You Pick the Box Office Winner: Will Jack and His Giants Slay the Competition?

Fee-fi-fo-fum, I smell an exciting pre-summer season at the movies approaching ... and its standing right behind you! Welcome to the month of March folks, and while it certainly doesn't feel like summer outside ... yet, inside your local movie theater it's a completelty different story. This week kicks off a busy month that I like to consider a warm-up to the big, splashy summer movies arriving later this year. So what are your options? Let's take a closer look ...

Jack the Giant Slayer

What's the Scoop: Director Bryan Singer (X-Men, The Usual Suspects) brings the popular fairytale about a boy and his magical beanstalk to life with dazzling special effects and a whole bunch of menacing-looking giants.

Why It Might Win the Weekend: Bryan Singer brings the geek cred, and the movie itself brings us a good family option during a time that doesn't see a whole lot of family options in theaters. 

21 and Over

What's the Scoop: Rising star Miles Teller leads a trio of dudes who look to get their party on while celebrating the 21st birthday of their best friend. 

Why It Might Win the Weekend: Not only does it come from the writers of The Hangover, but teens everywhere will look to this movie to get them excited about their upcoming spring break full of hard-partying and lots of rule tampering. Not that we condone any of that, mind you. 

The Last Exorcism Part II

What's the Scoop: Nell Sweetzer looks to move on with her life after an evil force possessed her in the first movie, except guess who's back with another horrible plan to torment this poor girl?

Why It Might Win the Weekend: The first low-budgeted installment surprised many people when it opened with $20 million on its way to $67 million worldwide. Fans still interested in the girl who bends her body in freakishly evil ways should flock to see how her story continues.


What's the Scoop: Ed Harris and David Duchovny star in this thriller about a submarine captain who's charged with leading a dangerous (and mysterious) covert mission.

Why It Might Win the Weekend: Considering it's a major wide release on over 2,000 screens and it hasn't marketed itself much at all, that doesn't bode well for its box office chances. Still, it's a submarine movie starring Ed Harris! That's got to appeal to some of you!

My Prediction: Considering moviegoers might be a little hungry for the big special effects-driven blockbuster that's also good for the whole family (especially following an exhausting awards season), Jack the Giant Slayer could do well here. I expect it to open up in the number one spot, but expect 21 and Over to give it a run for its money.

My Pick of the Week: I gotta go with Stoker. It's only in seven theaters, but Park Chan-wook's (Oldboy) English-language debut is weird, dark, brutal and uncomfortable, and at the same time it's this really unassuming coming-of-age tale about a girl whose journey to adulthood begins to clash with... well, some other more violent things. See it in Boston, New York, Chicago, Toronto and LA this weekend, and in a lot more locations on March 8.


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