You Pick the Box Office Winner: 'White House Down' vs. 'The Heat'

In one of this summer's most exciting box office matchups, it's guys vs. girls (dudes vs. dames) in theaters this weekend, as the duo of Jamie Foxx and Channing Tatum square off against Sandra Bullock and Melissa McCarthy. Who will win? Who will lose? And does anyone take their shirt off? Let's take a closer look ...

White House Down

What's the Scoop: Channing Tatum plays a down-on-his-luck Secret Service officer whose dreams of protecting the president (Jamie Foxx) come to life when the White House is taken over by a ruthless gang of mercenaries hell-bent on wreaking havoc across the globe.

Why It Might Win the Weekend: Director Roland Emmerich (Independence Day) is one of the best at delivering big, loud summer entertainment that satisfies moviegoers in a number of ways. Plus, hey, you get Channing Tatum in a skimpy white tank top for two hours. Who's complaining about that?

The Heat

What's the Scoop: An uptight Sandra Bullock and an aggressively over-the-top Melissa McCarthy play two cops tasked with taking down a drug lord. Hilarious buddy-cop scenarios are sure to ensue. 

Why It Might Win the Weekend: Director Paul Feig last brought us Bridesmaids, so if anyone can find tremendous success with a female-driven, buddy-cop comedy, it's him. Plus both McCarthy and Bullock have both killed it during the summer season in years past.

My Prediction: You can't count out Monsters University, which is only in its second weekend, but something tells me it'll be defeated by one of these two new releases. But which one will it be? I'm going with the ladies on this one. There's been a lot of action and destruction this summer, and something tells me audiences will flock to a rare female-driven treat during a season dominated by male stars. The Heat it is!

My Pick of the Week: I'm a huge silly fan of White House Down, going so far as to call it "the perfect summer movie" in a number of places online. It's big, loud, explosive, funny, heartwarming and... well, where else will you see the president of the United States drive across the White House lawn while holding a rocket launcher? C'mon!

Alright folks, now it's your turn -- tell us what you're watching this weekend, and which movie you think will win the box office.


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