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You Pick the Box Office Winner: 'The Watch' and 'Step Up: Revolution' Battle 'The Dark Knight Rises'

You Pick the Box Office Winner: 'The Watch' and 'Step Up: Revolution' Battle 'The Dark Knight Rises'

Welcome back to another rowdy week of box office predictions! We took off last week in anticipation of The Dark Knight Rises cleaning house (which it did), but now it's time to settle back into the weekly grind and throw out our best educated guess as to which film will reign supreme at the weekend box office. This week Batman finds himself up against the year's funniest alien invasion and what might be the most epic dance movie you'll ever see in 3D. Let's take a closer look ...

The Watch

What's the Scoop: No doubt summer's best comedic ensemble, The Watch teams up Ben Stiller, Jonah Hill, Vince Vaughn and Richard Ayoade on a wacky adventure that follows four suburban dudes who wind up stumbling into the role of our planet's defenders against an alien invasion.

Why It Might Win the Weekend: After chowing down on the dark and gritty Batman flick last week, folks might want a little foul-mouthed hilarity with their summer blockbuster. This one serves up plenty of R-rated laughs alongside dangerous, otherworldly battles. It's like someone tossed all the ingredients of a summer movie into one bag, shook it up and poured out The Watch. We kinda dig that about it.

Step Up: Revolution

What's the Scoop: Ever want to know where all those kids who get voted off So You Think You Can Dance wind up? Well, they're in the Step Up movies, which, in case you haven't realized by now, are a series of films featuring some of the most badass dance numbers you'll ever see on the big screen. 

Why It Might Win the Weekend: Each installment gets just a little crazier than the one before it, and when you tack on the 3D element we're positive Step Up: Revolution will have you doing summersaults in the aisles. If you're itching to get a little freaky this weekend, here's your chance. And if you're curious as to what to expect, go check out the film's ridiculous opening scene on YouTube.

My Prediction: While both new releases look promising, there's just no way any movie is topping The Dark Knight Rises in its second week. So, yeah, Batman will remain in the top spot come Monday morning.

My Pick of the Week: There's a lot in limited release this weekend, most notably a film called Ruby Sparks. It stars Paul Dano as a writer whose latest character (Zoe Kazan) comes to life. It's sweet and charming, and it's the follow-up film from the directors behind Little Miss Sunshine. So if you dug that movie, you'll probably adore this one. If it's playing near you, I recommend it.

Alright folks -- now it's your turn. Sound off below and let us know which movie you think will win the weekend box office.


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