You Pick the Box Office Winner: 'Taken 2' Meets 'Frankenweenie' and 'Pitch Perfect'

You Pick the Box Office Winner: 'Taken 2' Meets 'Frankenweenie' and 'Pitch Perfect'

Does Liam Neeson have enough badass left in his arsenal to win the weekend with a sequel to his surprise hit Taken? Can spook-master Tim Burton prove that October should belong to him and his freaky creations? Or will a rag-tag group of female singers shock everyone and belt out a weekend win? Before I leave it to you to decide, let's take a closer look ...

Taken 2

What's the Scoop: Liam Neeson returns to the role that redefined him as an action star. This time around retired CIA operative Bryan Mills and his wife are the ones who are kidnapped by the father of the villain from the first film, leaving it up to Mills' daughter (Maggie Grace) to help stage a rescue attempt.

Why It Might Win the Weekend: The first Taken surprised many by not only making a whole ton at the box office, but it was also a solid action movie featuring an unlikely aging hero. Chances are lightning won't strike twice, but expect fans of the first one (and there are lots of them) to line up for part two.


What's the Scoop: Tim Burton returns decades after first staging Frankenweenie as a live-action film with this hilariously spooky stop-motion animated version about a boy who loses his dog in a car accident, but decides to bring him back to life, Frankenstein-style. 

Why It Might Win the Weekend: Buzz has been strong ever since its premiere at Fantastic Fest, and while Tim Burton movies are hit and miss at the box office, we expect the chilly October air to inspire lots of kids to start their Halloween early with a trip to see Frankenweenie.

Pitch Perfect

What's the Scoop: A college freshman (Anna Kendrick) is coerced into joining her school's all-girl singing group, who then decide to take on their male rivals at a campus competition.

Why It Might Win the Weekend: It's like Bring It On meets Glee, and there's some tremendous buzz following it everywhere. Looking for a good date movie this weekend? Here it is. 

My Prediction: This is a tough weekend to predict because any one of these films could take home the prize. That said, I expect Liam Neeson and Taken 2 to do the most damage when all is said and done. 

My Pick of the Week: Seeing as I'm a huge fan of old-school Tim Burton and films like Beetlejuice, Edward Scissorhands and The Nightmare Before Christmas, I absolutely adored Frankenweenie and recommend it to parents, kids and any fan of those classic monster movies.

Alright, now it's your turn -- sound off below and let us know which film you think will win the weekend.

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