You Pick the Box Office Winner: 'Prometheus' vs. 'Madagascar 3'

Hey, smile -- it's the weekend! And while the summer movie season means every weekend is a good time to go to the movies, this weekend in particular serves up some very different and worthwhile entertainment. Are you in the mood for silly animated animals off on another adventure, or are you looking for a darker, more adult tale about the beginnings of life and the creepy aliens that come along with it? Whatever floats your boat, there's something for everyone now playing at your local theater. Let's take a closer look ...


What's the Scoop: A sorta-prequel to Ridley Scott's Alien, Prometheus follows rag-tag group of scientists, engineers and tough guys on an outer space mission to meet up with other lifeforms that may or may not hold the key to our beginnings as human beings. Yeah, good luck with that!

Why It Might Win the Weekend: Well, for one, chalk this one up as being worth the 3D. The film is absolutely stunning, visually, and the 3D works perfectly in conjunction with the film's vast alien landscapes and technological horror. Plus the story's pretty cool too.

Madagascar 3: Europe's Most Wanted

What's the Scoop: Our favorite adventurous animals are back for this third installment which finds them joining a traveling circus in europe as a means of getting home to New York City.

Why It Might Win the Weekend: The Madagascar series is popular enough that they've made three of them so far, plus this summer hasn't really served up a healthy dose of entertaining family fare yet, which Madagascar 3 is ... and then some.

My Prediction: Prometheus got off to strong start and is looking at a $50 million weekend at the box office, but will that be enough to beat the Madagascar gang? I think it will be. My vote goes to Prometheus for the win.

My Pick of the Week: C'mon, if you're any kind of fan of the Alien franchise, you gotta go with Prometheus. Grab someone who loves to get their scare on, and go have a blast watching Ridley Scott's return to sci-fi.

Alright folks, I've got a few movies to go watch, so now I leave it to you: Which film do you think will win the weekend box office?


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