You Pick the Box Office Winner: Can 'Evil Dead' Scare Up an Opening Weekend Win?

There's going to be plenty of scares at theaters this weekend with a couple of old movies becoming new again. Steve Spielberg's classic Jurassic Park is the latest movie to get the 3D treatment. Meanwhile, Sam Raimi's 1981 cult classic The Evil Dead gets re-imagined and takes Justin Timberlake's Social Network advice and drops the "The."

So which movie will come out on top? Standing in their way is Dwayne Johnson and those G.I. Joes who are looking for a second week at the top of the box office heap.

Evil Dead

What's the Scoop: Director Fede Alvarez casts five new victims actors for an updated version of Sam Raimi's horror classic. Raimi and original star Bruce Campbell executive produce the project that is sure to have movie fans screaming in theaters this weekend.

Why It Might Win the Weekend: The built-in fan base along with the newbies and positive word of mouth could propel this bloody scream-fest to the top.

Jurassic Park 3D

What's the Scoop: Jurassic Park is the latest Spielberg classic to make the jump to 3D, following the limited return of Indiana Jones in Raiders of the Lost Ark last year. Which Spielberg classic would you like to see go 3D next?

Why It Might Win the Weekend: Much like the Disney 3D re-releases, JP3D could bank on both the nostalgia factor as well as parents taking their kids to see one of their most beloved movies from two decades ago. Besides, most kids love dinosaurs.

My Prediction: It's a tough week to call, especially with The Croods still tracking so well. That been said, Evil Dead will probably rise to the top of the heap this weekend.

My Pick of the Week: There's certainly plenty of indie movies opening this weekend, but I'd be remiss if I didn't recommend Jurassic Park 3D. If you haven't seen the movie on a big screen, it's well worth the investment and if you have seen it in a theater before, it certainly serves as a welcome and entertaining shot of nostalgia.




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