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You Pick the Box Office Winner (7/15-7/17)

Should we even explore the possibility of another film beating out Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2 at the box office this weekend? Is it even a remote possibility that either Transformers: Dark of the Moon or Winnie the Pooh have within them enough stamina to keep up with the final Harry Potter film? Considering Mr. Potter sold out more than 6,000 midnight screenings last night (breaking a Fandango record), I’d say chances aren’t very good that another movie will top it. Still, let’s humor ourselves with a brief look at the competition …

What’s the Scoop: The final Harry Potter movie finds Harry and his wizarding cohorts in a final battle against the powerful and ruthless villain, Voldemort. Like the poster says, “It all ends.”
Why It Might Win the Weekend: Um … because it’s the last Harry Potter movie ever. That’s why!
What’s the Scoop: Winnie the Pooh and friends hit the big screen for an all new adventure that begins when Pooh sets out to find a little honey.
Why It Might Win the Weekend: While it probably doesn’t have a shot against Potter, smaller kids who can’t see the final Harry Potter because they’re a bit too young will find plenty to love and adore here.
My Prediction: Harry Potter for the win. Let’s see how many records this boy wizard can break.
My Pick of the Week: Not in the mood for Potter? Check out the Errol Morris documentary Tabloid, which tracks the fascinating story of a former Miss Wyoming who was accused of imprisoning a young Mormon Missionary.
Now it’s your turn to sound off in our poll and the comments section with you pick for this weekend’s box office champ.
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