You Pick the Box Office Winner: (2/3-2/5)

Just because it’s Super Bowl weekend (Go Giants!) doesn’t mean you can’t drag your tired self off the couch for a little moviegoing! February gets off to a very good start this weekend with three new wide releases (and a couple of limited releases) that are all totally worth your time. Best weekend of the year for movies so far? Yup, might be. Let’s take a look …


What’s the Scoop: The found-footage movie shifts away from horror and over to the superhero world as we track a trio of teenagers who suddenly find themselves with incredible powers.

Why It Might Win the Weekend: It’s getting a lot of great buzz – here’s a piece over at about how it will change the way you watch found-footage movies – and, if anything, it’s nice to get a super-powers movie that’s original and not based on an existing property.

The Woman in Black

What’s The Scoop: Daniel Radcliffe attempts to shake off Harry Potter and continue his successful career in front of the camera with this spooky thriller about a young lawyer who visits a remote village that’s under attack from the vengeful ghost of a scorned woman.

Why It Might Win the Weekend: Generally good buzz plus Daniel Radcliffe and ghosts should equal a fun night out at the movies and a decent box office take.

Big Miracle

What’s The Scoop: In a small Alaskan town a news reporter and his ex-girlfriend launch a campaign to save a family of whales trapped by the forming ice in the Arctic Circle.

Why It Might Win the Weekend: Because it’s great content to entertain the kids while the Super Bowl parties invade your neighborhood, and also because it tugs at your heartstrings. And we know you need a nice pick-me-up right about now.

My Prediction: I’d like to think Chronicle will ride its strong buzz to a win at the box office this weekend, though I wouldn’t count out Liam Neeson’s The Grey, which is also riding its own great buzz. I’ll go with Chronicle, though, because these found-footage movies seem to do well.

My Pick of the Week: If you’re looking to avoid the new releases, there are two killer indie horror films in Kill List and The Innkeepers that are both worth checking out. The two films did great on the festival circuit and should please those hungry for horror this weekend.

Now it’s your turn – which movie do you think will win the weekend?


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