You Pick the Box Office Winner (12/23-12/25)

You Pick the Box Office Winner (12/23-12/25)

I feel like I should say "Ho Ho Ho" or something to start out this post, but we have a lot of movies to get to -- and you have a lot of presents to wrap still -- so why don't we say "Yay Christmas! And Hanukkah!" and just get right down to business ...


Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol

What's The Scoop: Tom Cruise returns as super-agent Ethan Hunt in this fourth installment of the action franchise directed by Pixar veteran Brad Bird. Here, Hunt and his team must hunt down a crazed Russian who wants to blow up the world.

Why It Might Win The Weekend: Because it's awesome. No seriously, it's awesome. I wrote about how awesome it is at length over at in case you need further proof.

War Horse

What's The Scoop: Steven Spielberg returns to screens with this World War I-set tearjerker about a boy who loses his best friend, a horse, when it's sold to the military to join the war, and the subsequent journey he goes on to find the horse and bring it back home. 

Why It Might Win The Weekend: It's got Spielberg, cute animals, the most innocent-looking kid you've ever seen, battle scenes -- seriously, what more do you really need to convince you?

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

What's The Scoop: Based on the book that's sold like a gazillion copies by now, David Fincher's English-language adaptation (following three Swedish adaptations) has up-and-comer Rooney Mara playing the already-iconic Lisbeth Salander, who teams up with a disgraced journalist to help him solve the murder of a female teenager. 

Why It Might Win The Weekend: The book is mega-popular, and a lot of fans who stayed away from the foreign-language versions are probably itching to see one of their favorites come to life on screen. Plus it's getting pretty good reviews.

The Adventures of Tintin

What's The Scoop: Seriously, another Steven Spielberg movie? Yup! But this one is all in motion-capture and based on the classic British series about a boy sleuth and his dog who embark on fantastical adventures. 

Why It Might Win The Weekend: If the other Spielberg movie is too war-ish for your family, then this fun, lively mo-capped adventure will certainly entertain all ages.

We Bought a Zoo

What's The Scoop: Cameron Crowe (Jerry Maguire, Almost Famous) directs this real-life story about a father falling on hard times who decides to buy an abondoned zoo and move his family into it. 

Why It Might Win The Weekend: It's a film with a little too much heart, but sometimes you need stuff like that around the holidays. And hey, Matt Damon and Scarlett Johansson aren't bad to look at for a couple hours either. 

The Darkest Hour

What's The Scoop: Four kids join forces to help one another navigate their way through an alien invasion while visiting Moscow.

Why It Might Win The Weekend: Just when you thought Hollywood forgot about the sci-fi geeks, they threw them one last alien invasion flick in their stockings to cap off an already packed year full of alien invasion flicks.

My Prediction: Though on paper it looks like a insanely difficult weekend to predict a winner, based on its good IMAX start I'm going to go with Mission Impossible - Ghost Protocol for the win. Maybe Dragon Tattoo takes second.

My Pick of the Week: Everything! Seriously, though, all these films are worth your dollars. Hollywood finished up the year strong, and so see more than one this weekend and enjoy the show.

Now it's your turn -- sound off below with your pick for this week's box office winner.


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