You Pick the Box Office Winner (11/4-11/6)

It’s pretty quiet at the box office this weekend as we slip into the warm, comfortable footie-pajamas we call November and start thinking about the holidays. Not only do our local department stores want us thinking about the holiday season, but so does Hollywood, as it’s bringing its first Christmas-themed movie to theaters this weekend alongside a comedic heist flick starring a fun ensemble from a director who knows how to make money at the box office. Will he do it again, or will Monday morning bring nothing but coal in his early-November stocking? Let’s take a closer look …

What’s The Scoop: Rush Hour director Brett Ratner returns to screens with this timely ensemble comedy about a group of hard-working guys screwed over in a Ponzi scheme who decide to exact their revenge by robbing the residence of the man who took their money.
Why It Might Win the Weekend: Not only is it topical and familiar to people who know all about the Bernie Madoff Ponzi scheme, but it’s also going to be hard for people to turn down a film that stars Ben Stiller, Matthew Broderick, Casey Affleck and Eddie Murphy, returning to adult comedy after a stint in a number of family films.
What’s The Scoop: Harold and Kumar are kinda like this generation’s Cheech and Chong. Here, they return for a third time in their first 3D movie with a dirty, R-rated Christmas-themed adventure that kicks off when Harold burns down his father-in-law’s prize Christmas tree.
Why It Might Win The Weekend: This isn’t the boys’ first time at the box office rodeo, and now they’re packing some serious 3D. Look for this to be popular with college kids and anyone in need of some late-night munchies.
My Prediction: Though Puss in Boots had a strong opening, Brett Ratner movies tend to do very well at the box office, and his latest looks familiar and relatable enough to grab a lot of attention from moviegoers. I’m going to predict Tower Heist for the win.
My Pick of the Week: Can I pick Like Crazy again because it’s expanding to more theaters? C’mon you won’t tell anyone that I picked the same movie two weeks in a row, right? Shhh … just go see it.
Now it’s your turn to pick the film you think will win this weekend’s box office battle …


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