You Pick the Better Sequel: 'Saw 3D' or 'Paranormal Activity 2'

The final numbers are in, and it looks like Paranormal Activity 2 has officially won the Battle of the Horror Box Office when it comes to opening weekends, taking in upwards of $40 million on its opening weekend versus the $24.2 million Saw 3D took in this past weekend (although Saw 3D did take the top spot overall for the weekend, with PA 2 in its second week). Sure, it's somewhat surprising to see a solid horror franchise like Saw lose out considering it arrived in 3D, but keep in mind that this is the seventh Saw film compared to only the second Paranormal Activity film. Plus, at this point, the only people seeing Saw 3D are those invested in the franchise's story who have seen the previous six. And they're, like, really gory too, which may turn some people off.

'Paranormal Activity 2' vs. 'Saw 3D'

Still, its $24.2 million ranks it fifth out of the seven films, which means the 3D helped it at least a little bit. And considering the budget fell somewhere in the area of $20 million, the studio is already making their money back. Does that mean this will be the last of the franchise? It's being billed that way, but the Saw movies been too lucrative to just bury and forget about. Expect Saw to return in the near future, possibly with new characters, a new Jigsaw-like killer and more freakishly violent traps. Just give it a couple years to regroup and bring in some new, creative guns.
Here's where you folks get to sound off, though. According to the numbers, more people went to see Paranormal Activity 2 on its opening weekend. However, that doesn't mean it's the better movie (or is it?) Sound off below and let us know which horror sequel you enjoyed most.

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