You Love the '80s? Check out This Exclusive Filmmakers' Playlist for Drafthouse Films' Super Radical and Awesome 'The FP'

Ever wondered what a combination of Escape from New York, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, The Warriors, 8 Mile, Back to the Future, and every other cool movie from  the '80s and beyond would look like? Then you're in for a treat with the just-released Drafthouse Films' project The FP, now playing in select theaters, and available in theaters anywhere via Tugg (got 49 friends who like the same movies you do and are ready to party, but The FP's not playing near you? Never fear. Now you can Tugg it.) Here's the trailer…


Plus, straight from the filmmakers' mouths (that's co-directors Jason and Brandon Trost), we have the exclusive list of '80s movies (and more) references below, complete with their own special notes. Trust those of us who've seen it – if you like outrageous cult classics and/or you're a fan of anything starring Kurt Russell, Sly Stallone or Ralph Macchio, then this is the film for you. If you're not, well, The Vow's still playing at your local cineplex, too. Check out the list below and reserve your tix asap. BBR for life!


Rocky IV - The Training Montage in the woods. As well as the overly sci-fi technicalities incorporated to things that are not sci-fi.

8-Mile - Bathroom Opening Scene and Foundation setting.  Character dynamics. Mekhi Phifer and his microphone were a large inspiration for KCDC. If he announces the main event how can he take sides?!

Kick Boxer - The brother revenge dynamic. The competition. And of course, the "these brothers don't look related in the slightest" idea.

The Warriors - The outrageous gang warfare. James Remar. And the wild colorful night world and costumes. The Warriors have vests, JTRO and BTRO have vests.

Streets of Fire - The lighting tones and again the outrageous gang warfare again. PS - What the **** was Willem Dafoe wearing?

Mortal Kombat - Original drafts of The FP included more magic. The colorful costumes. The competition to the death. Everyone in The FP definitely played Mortal Kombat and it shows.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles - BLT's flute que modeled after Raphael's sai que.

Karate Kid - "Put him in a body bag, YEAH!" Listen closely to the background in the first ten minutes of The FP to find a similar line. Mr. Miyagi = BLT.  And obviously the ole' Final match with apparently unbeatable odds only made beatable by skills learned throughout the film's training montages.

Back to the Future - Serious KCDC costume inspirations. The suspenders! "The Cafe 80's" from

Back to the Future II-  is definitely where The FP would go to eat breakfast.

Road Warrior -The  apocalyptic setting and stoic main character who barely speaks. As well as odd costumes made from trash that show too much skin for no real apparent reason.

Escape From New York - Snake Plissken and his eye patch.

Commando - The tracking shot where Arnold is carrying logs = The tracking shot where JTRO is carrying logs.

Blade Runner - The red letter opening title card that explains the world.

First Blood - JTRO wandering through the FP = Rambo wandering through town looking for something to eat. First Blood Rambo, not later in the series wise cracking Rambo, is the main inspiration for the JTRO quiet and stoic character.

Rambo: First Blood Part II - Bits and pieces. But this Rambo kinda sucked. Rambo off splitting rocks... JTRO's off splitting logs.

Rambo III - The opening title sequence montage of Rambo suiting up = JTRO's suiting up montage in 248 HQ during the N.I.G.G.A speech. The Colonel coming back to Rambo in a foreign land to get him back to fight = KCDC coming back to JTRO in the 242 to get him to come back to Beat Beat. When are you going to come full circle Rambo/JTRO?!

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