Yay or Nay: I Kissed a Vampire – The Musical

Looking to capitalize on the ultra large audiences for High School Musical and The Twilight Saga, someone thought it would be a good idea to combine the two and put together something called I Kissed a Vampire, which is a movie-musical that's set to go straight to iTunes on October 13th.

The movie-musical, which looks to suck in more ways than one, stars High School Musical alum Lucas Grabeel, Drew Seeley (One Tree Hill, Another Cinderella Story) and newcomer Adrian Slade in a story that's ripped straight from other more successful other-worldly franchises in that it follows the trials and tribulations of falling in love when you're in the middle of becoming a vampire.
Here's my question: Do you buy this shtick? If it was a little more over the top and played up the dark humor angle (sort of like the television show Glee) then I could definitely see the potential. But this looks like it falls flat in several areas, though perhaps it's enough to entertain those Twi-hards counting down the seconds till New Moon arrives in theaters next month.
What do you think – Yay or Nay on I Kissed a Vampire?

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