'X-Men' Viral Video: Magneto Played a Part in JFK's Assassination?

History has taught us about the “Magic Bullet,” a trajectory Lee Harvey Oswald’s bullet would have had to take to assassinate President John F. Kennedy. But have you heard about the “Bent Bullet?” 

This clever viral video, released by 20th Century Fox, continues to tie the characters from the X-Men universe into our past. Capitalizing on the recent anniversary of JFK’s murder, the video places Magneto (Michael Fassbender) on the grassy knoll in Dallas, Texas on that fateful day… and helps set up the combative nature of Bryan Singer’s anticipated X-Men: Days of Future Past sequel, due in theaters next summer. 
Singer’s movie likely will go a long way toward exploring the divide between humans and mutants – a conflict that keeps former mates Charles Xavier (James McAvoy) and Magneto at odds. And it’s a relationship that will stretch all the way to present day, when the events of the past might lead to a postapocalyptic future, if Wolverine (Hugh Jackman) can’t do anything to set new events in motion.
To read more of this viral marketing campaign, visit TheBentBullet.com, where Fox has established an alternate, mutant-heavy historical timeline.
And for the latest on the next X-Men sequel, watch the recent trailer. The movie opens everywhere on May 23, 2014.




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