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Would You Rather: Kristen Stewart as Snow White or Lois Lane

With Twilight winding down, folks have been buzzing about which big role Kristen Stewart will take on next. She’s already being courted for a couple interesting roles, though the girl is a big fan of independent cinema and we wouldn’t be surprised if she ultimately ends up taking on parts in much smaller films.

Kristen Stewart

Still, though, it’s fun to imagine her taking on a few of our favorite iconic characters, and the past week has brought news of two specific parts the actress has been considering. First up is a chance to play Snow White in a new live-action version of the classic fairytale called Snow White and the Huntsman. Additionally, there’s word that Zack Snyder wants to try Stewart out for the role of Lois Lane in his upcoming Superman movie.
Both Snow White and Lois Lane are completely different characters, though they’re similar in that they both find themselves in interesting relationships with men. If we were choosing, we’d prefer Stewart to play Snow White over Lois Lane, but in the end we’d rather you make the call.
Tell K-Stew which role she should take on next by voting in our poll below.

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