Would You Hire Rosemary's Babysitting? Fun Movie-Inspired Business Cards

Italian design firm Invasione Creativa clearly has a few movie fans on its staff. The company recently revealed 27 totally awesome business cards for fictional enterprises started by famous movie characters.

The cards are stylishly designed and feature some clever jokes about your favorite films. Really, what could go wrong when you hire a company like Rosemary’s Babysitting to take care of your little ones? Who better to help you finish your novel than Jack Torrance: Ghost Writer? We’d totally buy a rug from Lebowsky Carpets, even though every Little Lebowski Urban Achiever is disappointed that they spelled the Dude’s name wrong.

Check out a few of our favorites below, then make a pit stop at Geekologie, where you can see all 27 of the cards. What movies would you have liked to see covered in this series? Maybe Pulp Fiction: Zed’s Pawn Shop and Jules Winnfield: Biblical Scholar being just two. Share some of yours below.

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