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Worst Blockbuster? Least Intimidating Villain? Vote in This Week's Movies Without Pity Awards Polls!

There's a pretty solid consensus on who we all think is going to win Best Supporting Actress and Best Actor at the Oscars in a few weeks. But who would you pick for Worst Blockbuster, Movie That Should Become a TV Series, Least Intimidating Villain (Kate Beckinsale, right,  is one of the nominees) and Least Satisfying Ending?

We're teaming up with the folks over at TelevisionWithoutPity as they bring you new polls to vote in every week leading up to Oscar night.

Other categories you can vote on this week include Movie That Most Needs to be Remade in Ten Years, Best Non-Human Co-Star, Best Use of 'Found Footage,' Best Blockbuster and Superhero, Least Super Superhero, Worst Supporting Actress, Best Ensemble Cast, Movie That Most Needs a Sequel and Best Character Comeback.

Jump over to their Movies Without Pity Polls to make your picks and check back here next week for a new batch of polls.

And if you just can't get enough voting, head over to our Ballot Box and select who you think will win on Oscar night. If you pick the correct winners, you could win a pair of movie tickets!

Get more coverage in our Awards Watch Guide and check out our new original video series The Frontrunners!

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