Will You Buy Bruce Willis's Cologne?

Bruce Willis's cologneAdmit it: you've always wanted to smell like Bruce Willis. You've watched Die Hard multiple times, and at the part where Willis comes swinging through a glass window all bloody and beaten to a pulp, you turn to your significant other and say, "Damn, I so totally want to smell like that guy right now."

Good news for you, then, that LR Heatlth & Beauty Systems has just debuted Bruce Willis’s "Signature Collection," which includes hair and body wash, deodorant, aftershave balm, and eau de parfum. Folks at the company, including its COO Tilo Ploger, claim Willis’ fragrance is "the manliest scent in the world." And if that’s not supposed to make you squirm a little in your seat, then get ready for the product line’s tagline: "Smart Guys Live Forever."

Um, what does that even have to do with the soap I use to watch myself in the shower? Are you trying to say that Bruce Willis’s aftershave will help me live for the rest of eternity? Maybe if I put it on, I’ll be able to dodge bullets and jump out of helicopters like Willis does in his films? Or … maybe not.
What do you think? Have you ever purchased a celebrity’s perfume or cologne before? Will you buy anything from the Bruce Willis collection? Let us know in the comments …
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