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Will This 'Twilight' Villain Make a Good X-Men Mutant?

Believe it or not, but X-Men: First Class is still casting! At this point they must have, like, 15,000 mutants in their massive cast – and good news is they're adding at least one more. Deadline tells us that Edi Gathegi has signed on to play Darwin, a bi-racial (half-hispanic, half-black) mutant who comes with the power of reactive evolution. What is reactive evolution? Well it's a power that allows him to adapt to whatever environment he's in – like he'll grow gills if he's swimming underwater or gain night vision if in the pitch black dark.Edi Gathegi

Gathegi should be familiar to all you Twi-hards out there since he played the down-and-dirty vampire Laurent in both Twilight and The Twilight Saga: New Moon. Gathegi will join an X-Men cast that already includes James McAvoy (as Xavier), Michael Fassbender (as Magneto), Alice Eve (as Emma Frost), Nicholas Hoult (as Beast), Jennifer Lawrence (as Mystique), Caleb Landry Jones (as Banshee), Lucas Till (as Havoc) and, of course, Kevin Bacon as the unknown villain.
Do you Twilight nuts think Gathegi can hold his own in an X-Men movie? And while we're on the topic, do you think Kevin Bacon has it in him to play a scary villain?
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