Will The Next 'Twilight' Director Please Stand Up?

Oh Twilight … you’re like the sweet cherry on top of a perfect cake, or an ex-girlfriend who refuses to stop calling – somewhere in between the two. While the sequel New Moon skips into production with a bigger budget, a larger cast and a lot more blog posts, all anyone can talk about right now is who the director of the third Twilight flick, Eclipse, will be. (Hint: It’s not Steven Spielberg. Drats!)

After being booted from the series despite the first film’s monster box office take, Catherine Hardwicke remains out of the picture. Chris Weitz, who was chosen to direct New Moon from a long list of people desperate for a fantasy gig that wouldn’t self-destruct (ahem, Golden Compass), will not be sticking around for a second helping – however, according to a few Twilight fan sites, things may remain a family affair.

Twilighters.org (not sure when they became The Hollywood Reporter, but we’ll go with it) tells us that Chris’ brother (and business partner) Paul will step in to helm the third film. This comes after Drew Barrymore publicly announced that she was one of the names circulating the Eclipse director’s chair as well. So who landed the job? We don’t know. But we’d love to know who you would hire.

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