Will Smith Signed for Two 'Independence Day' Sequels?

While director Roland Emmerich was doing press for 2012, he spoke about the possibility of bringing back the Independence Day franchise for not just one, but two sequels – making it a complete trilogy. Since Emmerich likes to talk out of his you know what, a lot of folks thought it was just wishful thinking – kinda like the 2012 TV show he also wanted to do, but didn't because of budgetary concerns.

'Independence Day'

Now, though, not only does IESB claim 20th Century Fox is moving full steam ahead on the two Independence Day sequels, but they also say that Will Smith will most likely star in both. Additionally, there's a good chance the films will shoot back-to-back, picking up years after the initial alien invasion as the world prepares to deal with a new threat.
The thought right now is that Emmerich and Smith will both make one other movie first (Smith may do Men in Black III), and then they'll hop back into this franchise. As someone who got a kick out of Independence Day back when I was a teen, I think there's certainly room to play around with the franchise, assuming a decent script comes out of it (and I bet that's what Smith is waiting to see). Will it turn out to be completely unbelievable and a bit corny? Probably. But that's what made the first movie so much fun!
What do you think about Will Smith making two more Independence Day movies? Is there room for two more sequels in a series that practically blew up the world in its first installment? Where else can they take this franchise? Sound off below…
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