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Will Pixar and Marvel Team Up to Make a Movie?

The Pixar brand, though still popular, definitely seems like it needs a slight boost to launch it back up to the Toy Story/Finding Nemo days. We're not saying Pixar is declining by any means, but there was a time where everything Pixar made was both a guaranteed, unquetionable hit and an Oscar contender. With a new  film set to hit theaters next weekend, Chief Creative Officer John Lasseter has been making the round promoting Brave.

Collider got a chance to sit down with Lasseter and posed the question of a Disney-Pixar-Marvel animated movie. Pixar and Marvel are both known for being very hands on with their products making the marriage of the two companies on one film seemingly doubtful. But Lasseter's response was actually quite optimistic.

"If a filmmaker comes to me and says, 'Hey, I wanna do this,' then I would be really open to it."

Pixar's films are created from a long development period in which filmmakers team up with producers to hash out ideas before they pitch it to studio execs. Some films move forward from that stage, others return back to the development level.

While it's most likely going to be quite awhile before we see a Pixar/Marvel team-up, it's nice to hear Lasseter is at least open to the idea. Now the question is, which Marvel superhero would best be suited for the Pixar treatment? Would it be awkward for a character to jump from a Pixar film to a live-action Marvel movie, or vice-versa? Ponder all these thoughts as you watch the brief interview clip below and then sound off in the comment area.

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