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Will J.J. Abrams Reboot Superman Next?

Somewhere in between Kevin Smith and Tim Burton's failed Superman movie and Bryan Singer's Superman Returns, there lived a Superman movie scripted by J.J. Abrams. Originally pitched as an origin story that would arc across three films, Brett Ratner was going to direct and at one point Josh Hartnett was offered big-time bucks to star in all three movies. He declined, Ratner eventually left the project and Warner Bros. opted to go with Bryan Singer, who of course ditched Abrams's script and went his own route.

One draft of Abrams' script was universally panned online a couple of years ago when it leaked out, but that's not stopping the man who resurrected another good-as-dead franchise (Star Trek) from dreaming about some day revisiting The Man of Steel and the script that never was.
Speaking to MTV about whether he would ever return to the property, Abrams said, "No one has talked to me about it. Obviously, I'm sure Warner Brothers has a plan for what they want to do. Writing that script was a long process. It was a very passionate character for me. As a kid growing up, it meant a lot to me. It would be wonderful and fun to see that brought back. I don't know what Warners is thinking or what their plan is. It would be a blast."
Obviously, at the time, Abrams wasn't the right guy for Superman. But now, having done the impossible with Star Trek, could Warner Bros. possibly throw the ball back in his court to see what he comes up with? Even if they don't go with his original script (he says there's a later – and better – draft that never leaked online), could Abrams be the right guy for the job…right now? Of course he's busy with Star Trek 2 (among other things), but you have to admit it'd be interesting to see what he could do with that franchise…right?
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