Will Ferrell to Star in a Spanish-Language Film?

Here's a good question: Would you pay upwards of, say, $12 to see Will Ferrell in a Spanish-language movie, complete with subtitles and all? Personally, I'm not one who's bothered by subtitles, but I know a lot of people who don't buy into the whole words on the bottom of the screen thing, and that's cool. To each their own. But what if it's Will Ferrell blurtin' out the foreign stuff?

Will Ferrell

That's a decision you'll most likely have to make down the line as The Wrap reports that Ferrell plans to star in a Spanish-language movie called Casa de mi Padre (House of My Father). The actor's publicist wouldn't confirm the news, but word has it Ferrell will produce through his Gary Sanchez Productions and has a friend from Funny or Die (who's not Adam McKay) to direct it.
Unfortunately there are no plot details yet, so we don't know whether Ferrell will be playing an American trying to speak Spanish, or someone who speaks fluent Spanish. It's a comedy, we know that, so expect the Anchorman star to be really loud and boisterous, only this time in another language. Will his particular brand of comedy still translate? I'm not sure, but I can't be alone in wanting to find out.

We'll report more as it comes in, but for the time being let us know whether you would go see Will Ferrell in a comedy that was subtitled...

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