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Will 'Big Miracle' Inspire Your Kids?

School started back this week for my kids – finally!  I couldn’t take another week of watching them playing video games and they couldn’t take another week of me nagging, "How are video games improving your life?"

The blogosphere seems rife with stories about 5-year-olds who raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to help the homeless or tweens building wells across Africa. I read these stories and then, I look across the room at my kids frenetically poking an iPad screen promising they’ll feed the dogs "really soon." These kids need some inspiration – and there’s no better way to sneak it in than through the movies.

No kid is going to jump at seeing a film if a parent says, "Hey, let’s go see this inspirational movie. Maybe it’ll make you get off your rear end and do something." However…

Opening Feb. 3, Big Miracle shows that two people braving the Alaska cold can warm hearts and save whales. Moreover, it appears to be the only straight-up inspirational film coming out this year; other films like Joyful Noise, The Vow, and The Lorax serve up a side dish of inspiration instead of making it the main course – so it’s now or never.

If Big Miracle doesn’t motivate anyone in my house to take some initiative, then I’ll keep my fingers crossed that the Angry Birds Community Service App comes out soon.

In the meantime, here are some other inspirational movie options:

Joyful Noise Queen Latifah and Dolly Parton put a “Glee” spin on a real problem: how to raise the spirits of a small town suffering in today’s tattered economy.  The film stars Nickelodeon’s Keke Palmer and it revolves around a church choir but some language and situations will not make this a joy for elementary school-age children. Respect the PG-13.  


Dolphin Tale Recently released on Blu-Ray and DVD, Dolphin Tale is about a child who discovers his purpose when he stumbles across an injured dolphin and saves its life. A kid with bad grades who becomes a hero AND gets to swim with dolphins? No wonder Dolphin Tale is a huge hit among kids.  


The Help Changing the world isn’t always met with open arms. The Help shows it’s possible for one person to make a difference but it takes courage, strategy, and the support of like-minded individuals to make an impact.


To read what kids think about movies, go to , a site the author’s children would like to point out that they created and maintain in between video games. They’re multitaskers.

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