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Will 2011 Host the Biggest Summer for Movies Ever?

Is 2011 the biggest summer for movies ever? It could be, and as Jon Favreau (who's directing 2011's Cowboys and Aliens) recently pointed out in an interview with Hero Complex, the summer of 2011 is also shaping up to be an absolute "blood bath," with all the big blockbusters (with exploding budgets) competing against each other for those all-too-valuable box office dollars. Favreau says, "There's not a weekend where there won't be teeth on the floor. The audience wins but it's going to be rough for people making these movies. Then there was the big rush to 3D, so you have all of these people fighting for a limited number of screens and to get the 3D done, since most of these are hybrids or conversions, so this is a technology that is still in the relatively early stages and there's going to be a lot of blood pressures going up in the months ahead."

Summer Movies 2011

Don't know which films are coming out next summer? Well, for starters, we have …
·          Thor
·          Green Lantern
·          The Hangover 2
·          Rise of the Apes
·          Super 8
·          Transformers 3
·          Cowboys and Aliens
And that's just scratching the surface. If 2011 does turn out to be the biggest summer of all time, it may not hold that title for long because 2012 already promises to be packed with equal amounts of blockbuster flare, with The Avengers, Spider-Man and The Dark Knight Rises already looking to do damage.
What do you think? Can 2011 host the biggest movie summer ever? Which summer are you looking forward to more: 2011 or 2012?
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