Why We Love Michael J. Fox

It's been an extraordinary journey watching Michael J. Fox evolve from the fresh-faced youngster of Family Ties to the successful family man of The Michael J. Fox show. Join us as we revisit this multi-decade odyssey, one stop at a time.


Family Ties

Fox became a star playing budding Reagan Republican to a pair of ex-hippie parents. Here we see him just after losing his virginity to an older lady. Like a boss.


High School U.S.A.

This made-for-television movie is chock-full of famous television actors, but even with such heavy hitters as Todd Bridges and the guy who played Gilligan, it's clear this very young Michael J. Fox has something special going on.


The $25,000 Pyramid

From a 1984 appearance on the popular game show, Michael J. Fox and his partner don't quite make it to the top of the pyramid, but their attempt gets them pretty darn close. Hard as he tries, Fox just can't get his lady to guess "stamps."


Back to the Future

The quintessential Michael J. Fox role. His clothes, his skateboarding, the way he's occasionally throwing in curse words -- this is the whole package, right here.


Teen Wolf

All actors dream of someday playing a teenager who turns into a werewolf upon hitting puberty and thereby gets really great at basketball. But Michael J. Fox is the only actor who took that dream and made it reality.


The Secret of My Success

Many 1980s Michael J. Fox characters share an obsession with big money. In this film, he gets it by lying his way to the top. Both in and out of bed. His aunt's bed, specifically. It's a weird movie.


The Hard Way

Michael J. Fox plays a wimpy Hollywood actor who shadows James Woods' real cop in an attempt to heighten his tough-guy credibility. He does catch a bullet in the end, so maybe it worked.


Tales from the Crypt: "The Trap"

Yep! Michael J. Fox was in an episode of Tales from the Crypt, playing a lawyer who gets the protagonist sent to the electric chair for his own fake death. As an added bonus, Fox directed the episode, too!


Doc Hollywood

Fox plays a hotshot big-city surgeon who finds unexpected happiness when he's forced to perform his services in a small redneck town. It's basically Cars but with substantially fewer talking automobiles.



An important entry, not so much because Fox plays a professional bowler who tries to get a huge inheritance from his rich uncle, but more for his big nude scene, which goes on for a lot longer than you'd expect.


The Frighteners

This darker entry in the Fox filmography finds the actor playing opposite a bunch of ghosts as he tries to battle a supernatural serial killer. It's a surprisingly funny film, as this clip of him getting chewed out by R. Lee Ermey attests.


Spin City

Fox returned to television after a long film run with this sitcom based around New York City politics. Television audiences loved having him back for the four seasons he appeared on the show.


The Good Wife

It seems like every actor in the world has made an appearance on The Good Wife. Occasionally, Michael J. Fox is one of those actors. To date he's made eight appearances as Louis Canning, a lawyer who uses his disability to win sympathy from juries.


And here's the trailer for The Michael J. Fox show...

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