Who's the Toughest Modern Femme Fatale?

While I'm sure some out there might laugh at the thought of svelte Zoe Saldana as a tough-as-nails professional assassin in Colombiana, or think to themselves, "that skinny gal surely couldn't kick my butt," but for all the doubters, we have a few things to say.
One, it's a movie. Two, Saldana's a sexy, capable actress, and folks loved her just fine in action-packed adventures like Star Trek and Avatar. Three, if you're going to watch a femme fatale action thriller, writer/producer Luc Besson (also responsible for the female-empowering action heroines in La Femme Nikita and The Professional) is the go-to-guy. And four, while we're at it, how many were complaining when the slender Anne Parillaud and Bridget Fonda were kicking major tail?

Plausible or implausible, plenty of beautiful vixens have fired away to cinematic glory, and to state our case, we've compiled some of our favorites in this Lethal Ladies of Cinema photo feature. Check 'em out, and then let us know in the comments below your pick for modern moviedom's greatest action heroine.

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'The Help' Prize Pack Giveaway