Who's Ready for More 'Final Destination'?

Wait, you didn't think The Final Destination was actually final, did you? Though originally pegged to be the final installment in the horror franchise, The Final Destination (which was the first installment to go 3D) did too well in theaters for the studio to ignore. So, get ready for a Final Destination 5, which Heat Vision reports will be written by Eric Heisserer, who's also bringing us the script for that remake of The Thing.

'The Final Destination'

What will Final Destination 5 be about, you ask? Well, naturally, they're keeping the plot details close to their chest, but it shouldn't be hard to figure out that the sequel – like the ones that have come before it – will follow a group of people who cheat death, only to watch death catch up to them in the most creative (and shocking) ways. One such way was revealed as a sort of tease, and we're being told there will be a death that involves undergoing laser-eye surgery. Fantastic!
Right now New Line is looking to hire a director, and the plan is to shoot Final Destination 5 in 3D for a release next year. What do you think about another Final Destination? Obviously the films are popular if they keep making money, so will you go see another one?
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