Who Is the Real Alien of 'Spring Breakers'?

James Franco may have helped bring in the cash for Oz the last few weeks, but it's his turn in Spring Breakers as a gilded-grilled gangsta rapper known as Alien that has tongues around town wagging. (Even our own Sean O'Connell calls it the first Oscar-worthy performance of the year.)

Franco's take on the character isn't completely original, though; he based Alien on a Florida rapper named Dangeruss--pictured above with Franco in an on-set photo--who came to Breakers director Harmony Korine's attention via a semi-viral video. In the movie, the thug wanna-be Alien deals drugs, belts out Britney and hooks up with some restaurant-robbing college 'hos ready to party during spring break in a sort of slow-burn dubstep fever dream that, fittingly, feels almost more music video than narrative film.

The folks over at our sister site Movies.com dug up a bunch of Dangeruss' videos and have more about the tattooed, dreaded-out and blinged-up character, so go check that out. Spring Breakers opens across the country this week.

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Live It Up in New York City with our 'Admission' Sweepstakes