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Who Do You Think Benicio Del Toro Is Playing in 'Guardians of the Galaxy'? [UPDATED]

UPDATED: ComicBookMovie claims a "very reliable source" has confirmed that del Toro will be playing Taneleer Tivan aka The Collector. News that Tivan is a part of Guardians isn't a surprise as the character was announced as part of the film when actress Ophelia Lovibond was cast as someone who aids Tivan in the film. Does this mean that del Toro will be reprising the role in Avengers 2 or will he be back in a Phase 3 film?


Among the Phase Two films on Marvel's slate, Guardians of the Galaxy remains the biggest question mark. While the film is more than a year away from arriving in theaters, anticipation has been primarily coming from fans of the comic book series.

That being said, the movie, which goes into production later this month, has been amassing an impressive cast. Chris Pratt is set to play Star-Lord Peter Quill, the leader of the Guardians while Zoe Saldana will play green-skinned assassin Gamora and Dave Bautista as the warrior Drax the Destroyer. Michael Rooker is also on board to play Centurian archer Yondu.

Lee Pace and Karen Gillian recently joined the production as villains while last week saw Glenn Close sign on to play the head of Nova Corps.

We start off this week with Benicio Del Toro joining the film to play a lead character that will put him in multiple Marvel movies. So who could he be playing? Here are four options:


This is the obvious go-to character. With the super villain factoring in the next two Avengers movies, we might get a brief taste of Thanos in Guardians. Someone is eventually going to be cast to play this character and if Marvel is using the same CGI technology that brought Mark Ruffalo's Hulk to life, it stands to reason that Del Toro has the body and the dark brooding aura to play Thanos.

Rocket Raccoon

One of the few remaining lead characters left to be cast in Guardians is the fan favorite Rocket Raccoon. While the concept of a killer, gun-toting raccoon may seem oddly adorable, the character has a dark personality. He serves as a master tactician and is an expert marksman on the Guardians team. Del Toro has the perfect voice for this character.


Another dark lead character that has yet to be cast is the Monarch of Planet X otherwise known as Groot. He's an extraterrestrial, treelike creature who was reconfigured to be a heroic figure. He has a genius level intellect, can control trees, is resistant to fire and can absorb wood to enhance and rebuild himself.  Similar to Rocket Raccoon, Groot has a dark, twisted personality that suits Del Toro's voice.

Doctor Strange

Chances are Marvel is going to tease this character as a stinger in one of its upcoming films. The studio confirmed last month that it was in the process of bringing Strange and other second-tier Marvel characters to the big screen. This is a bit of a long shot, especially given the report out today suggests Del Toro will play a lead character in Guardians, though he would make an excellent choice to play Dr. Stephen Vincent Strange.


Who do you think Del Toro will play? My money is on either Rocket Raccoon or Thanos.



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