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Which Celebrity Would You Like to See Killed in 'Piranha 3D' Sequel?

Even though Piranha 3D didn't do monster business at the box office, The Weinstein Co. is still plowing full steam ahead on a sequel, and they're trying to use the film's "cheese" factor to its advantage by staging a contest that may help bring in more audience members once the second installment finally hits theaters.

'Piranha 3D'

According to Entertainment Weekly, The Weinstein Co. is currently hammering out the details for a contest that would allow fans to pick which celebrity they'd most like to see get killed in some gruesome, piranha-related fashion in the next installment. Now they claim you can pick any celebrity you want (whether it be Betty White or one of those annoying Jersey Shore kids), but one imagines they can't just get anyone they want. Like, if fans voted for Angelina Jolie or Robert Pattinson, I highly doubt either celeb would join the cast on Piranha 3D 2 just because the fans voted them in.
Like I said, they're still working it out – and a more sensible outcome could see them providing a list of celebs they can get and you voting based on that list – but until the official rules hit the net, which celeb would you love to see get manhandled by a piranha in the sequel?
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