Which Arnold Schwarzenegger Movie Would Have Been Better Starring Sylvester Stallone?

Escape Plan is the first movie to really costar '80s action giants Arnold Schwarzenegger and Sylvester Stallone, at least in equal measure. That got us wondering about the careers of both actors and how they remained so distinct over the decades. Earlier this week, we asked you which of Stallone's movies could have been better if Schwarzenegger had been cast instead. Now, here's the reverse: which of Arnie's roles might have been better filled by Sly? And no, political positions aren't on the table, as much as you might have preferred Governor Rambo to the Governator.

This side of the movie-swap consideration may remind you that in The Last Action Hero, there is a cardboard display of Stallone starring in Terminator 2: Judgment Day. But as the kid says in the movie, "that's not possible." Not even in an alternate dimension, because Stallone just could never make sense as a killing machine from the future. Schwarzenegger is a more chiseled, more robotic personality. Stallone is too human for the part of the Terminator.

And that might mean that the movies in which it was hard to buy Schwarzenegger as a regular guy might have been the best suited for his counterpart. But not the comedies. Stallone is not funny. Especially not as the visual gag that Schwarzenegger was for Twins, Kindergarten Cop and Junior. There are more movies of Schwarzenegger's, however, that could have been led by Stallone than vice versa. Stallone could have easily carried Commando, Predator, The Running Man and Total Recall, just not as enjoyably.

So which film might have been better with Stallone in the lead? Possibly some of Arnie's lesser '90s efforts, like Eraser or Collateral Damage, but we're going with Raw Deal, which might have been more interesting with an Italian-American former FBI agent going up against the mob. 

Do you agree? Or is there another Arnold Schwarzenegger vehicle you could picture being driven by Sylvester Stallone?




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