Where Are the Best IMAX Theaters in the World?

As IMAX continues to grow and expand its brand, we're seeing more and more of our local theaters offer the IMAX experience with each new blockbuster that arrives on the scene. But which IMAX theaters are the best of the best, and which are worth seeking out for the ultimate moviegoing experience? 

I recently had the chance to speak to IMAX President Greg Foster, and I asked him where he preferred to watch IMAX movies, if he could simply blink and be there. Now, I'm not suggesting this is any sort of definitive list -- and I'm sure you could add more theaters to what's here -- but when the president of IMAX tells you his favorites, you listen ... and then figure out a way to travel to said theaters.

So, according to Mr. Foster, his favorite IMAX theaters include ...

1. "Lincoln Square in New York City. There's a very specific reason for that, and that's because I went to the premieres of both The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises there, in the IMAX theaters in Lincoln Square. I was with my wife and kids, and many of my colleagues, and on the warm, happy memory side that's about as good as it gets both times."

2. "I also really enjoy seeing films in Providence, Rhode Island at the Providence Place IMAX theater that National Amusement owns. I love that theater."
3. "I really enjoy seeing movies in Hong Kong at the iSquare, which is one of the best theaters in Asia."
4."I never had a bad experience seeing a movie in Beijing at the Wanda Plaza IMAX theater."
5. "There are a lot of them, I can rattle on. We love our products, and we love what we do. We love seeing movies. One of the best places to see a movie in the entire world is in the IMAX private screening room that's about 30 feet away from me right now in my office. We love looking at IMAX movies as often as we can there. There are a lot of great places to see IMAX films."
More with Greg Foster: What The Future of IMAX Looks Like, via Movies.com

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