What Was Your Best Movie-Inspired Halloween Costume?

When you're a hard-core movie fan, you can't not dress up as a movie character for Halloween. Many of us can look back to our earliest costumes and find a majority of film-based getups over our lifetime, especially during the years when we wore the store-bought plastic variety. It's no different if we're a kid or an adult, though. While some costumes are more likely seen on a child (the characters from Monster's University are hot this year) and others are more appropriate for grown-ups (you'll see a bunch of Anchorman and Bad Grandpa outfits on the older folk), there is some overlap, as Thor and Katniss Everdeen are popular choices for all ages right now so close to the releases of Thor: The Dark World and The Hunger Games: Catching Fire.

Fandango has a movie-costume sweepstakes going on right now where you can win an iPad Mini by entering with an Instagram of yourself in your 2013 movie-inspired outfit. But we'd also like to hear about your past ideas. It can be as basic as that manufactured Star Wars suit and mask you looked so cute in as a little tyke or as complicated as your most obscure yet movie-geek-proud, creatively homemade construction. It can be adorable or terrifying or clever or trendy or funny or a serious political statement -- surely someone once went as a bloodied dolphin as both a fan of Oscar-winning doc The Cove and as an advocate for the film's cause, right?

So let's hear about the time you went as the Dude from The Big Lebowski or as E.T. as a ghost or, for the classic-film lovers, as one of the Marx Brothers or Dorothy from The Wizard of Oz. Tell us about any couples or group costumes, too, like if you were able to round up a full team of Avengers last year. Don't worry about there being a good story or inventive twist to your costume, we want to hear it all.






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