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What Tim Burton's 'Superman Lives' Would've Looked Like

It's a bird, it's a plane … it's images from Tim Burton's squashed Superman movie, which would've found the iconic superhero wearing a much different costume than we're all used to seeing. No, that's not the Silver Surfer – that really is a costume test image from the canned Superman movie that would've starred Nicolas Cage and been directed by Tim Burton off a script by Kevin Smith. How's that for a creative combo!?

Tim Burton's 'Superman?' Tim Burton's 'Superman?'

The film was called Superman Lives at the time, and apparently it was set to feature a weird silver see-through futuristic Superman costume that looks nothing like what we're used to seeing the superhero in. The images come from special effects supervisor Steve Johnson (War of the Worlds, Spider-Man 2) who decided to throw up a gallery on his Facebook page.
Superman Lives was originally supposed to arrive in theaters in the late-90s, and from what we know the movie was to feature a story that found Superman without his powers for a good part of the running time, forcing him to use a number of weird weapons (and strange armored suits, hence the images) to help fight off villains like Braniac and Lex Luthor.
Fortunately (or unfortunately, since I kinda want to see what this thing would've turned into), we never got to see the end results because the film was canned before it hit production. Now, over 10 years later, Zack Snyder will begin work on a new Superman movie that will hopefully help resurrect the character and kick off a whole new franchise.
What do you think of these old images? Would you have supported this Superman in theaters?
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