What Is Your Most Prized Movie-Related Possession?

It's Black Friday, meaning millions of Americans are beginning their holiday shopping with a great intensity. A lot of what they're after is electronics -- TVs, laptops, tablets, basically things that are musts for movie lovers. They're not exclusively for watching movies, of course, but those of us who do enjoy Blu-rays, streaming rentals and other means of viewing new and favorite titles, the latest and greatest technology for doing so is high on our wish lists. And after we get the biggest screens and best home-entertainment sound systems and special-edition box sets, they are among our most prized movie-related possessions.

Other cherished objects for us movie lovers include memorabilia, whether merchandised and licensed goods associated with certain titles or, for the extra yard, authentic memorabilia. The former group includes movie posters, screenplays, autographs, branded clothing (especially that movie T-shirt you proudly wear to show off your taste), toys and soundtracks, among tons of other possibilities. My most prized possessions of this sort would be my annotated (by me) Heathers screenplay, my Spanish-language Duck Soup poster from Argentina, my unlabeled Un Chien Andalou T-shirt and my canvas replica of the Time Bandits map. 

As for the memorabilia stuff, my closest thing is still that Time Bandits map, even though it's not the original. Having that, if it even exists, would make my life complete. But it would likely be pretty pricey. Real props from movies don't always have to be expensive, however, as there are plenty of relatively cheap items to be found from less popular movies or from stacks of mass-produced props like paper fliers and fake money. A lot of one-of-a-kind objects and costumes, though, cost well in the thousands of dollars. Yet that price tag could wind up leading you to be featured in a fandom documentary like the upcoming Back to the Future-focused film Back in Time (seen in the photo above).

Don't worry if you don't have anything so special, because few of us are so fortunate. In addition to hearing about your own most prized movie-related possessions, we'd love for you to tell us what items you don't have but really wish you did. 

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