What Is Your Favorite YA Adaptation?

Today we welcome yet another hot YA adaptation to the big screen, and it will be interesting to see if The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones becomes another popular franchise. Many have tried and failed, in spite of being based on a successful series of books, to become another Harry Potter- or Twilight- or Hunger Games-level sensation. But that doesn't mean they were bad films or inadequate translations from page to screen. Maybe they just didn't catch a wave the way those blockbuster franchises did. Considering so many of these properties have basically the same premise, it seems strange that only some hit big with moviegoers while others end up box office flops. 

So, your favorite YA adaptation might be one of this year's other fantasy romances, Beautiful Creatures and Warm Bodies, in spite of what their ticket sales were (obviously some people contributed to what they did gross). Or it might be the Percy Jackson series, from which a new installment just arrived to disappointing numbers. Given the popularity, chances are that you do like the Harry Potter movies best, although we're not quite sure that one truly qualifies for the YA genre since the books began swaying much younger and then grew up with its readers -- a logical reason it was so enormously successful for a whole generation.

Let's remember to consider some of the nonfantasy YA adaptations, too. Maybe you don't care much about teens who suddenly learn they're the offspring of magical or mythical beings and instead favor something like The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants

Let us know your favorite YA adaptation by commenting below. To start you thinking, here is a reminder of the top 10 films or franchises, according to Box Office Mojo: 


1. The Hunger Games

2. Harry Potter

3. Twilight

4. Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

5. The Princess Diaries

6. Percy Jackson & the Olympians

7. Bridge to Terabitha

8. Eragon

9. Hugo

10. The Spiderwick Chronicles

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