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What Is Scarlett Johansson's Best Movie?

What Is Scarlett Johansson's Best Movie?

With two new movies out this Friday, Scarlett Johansson is the actor of the week. And she's particularly special for covering very different audiences with those two releases. The big one is, of course, Captain America: The Winter Soldier, in which she reprises her role as Avengers member and S.H.I.E.L.D. agent Black Widow (previously seen in Iron Man 2 and The Avengers; hopefully one day seen in her own solo movie). The smaller one is the art house sci-fi feature Under the Skin, in which she's an alien picking up and then killing men she comes across around the Scottish countryside. The former will be on 3,900 screens this weekend, the latter only on a few.

Since making her movie debut at age nine in North, Johansson has done a great job alternating between indies and major studio efforts. She's worked with Woody Allen (Match PointScoop and Vicky Cristina Barcelona) and the Coen brothers (The Man Who Wasn't There), as well as Michael Bay (The Island) and Christopher Nolan (The Prestige).

She's done more than a few comic book adaptations (including nonsuperhero fare like Ghost World), a couple rom-coms (including He's Just Not That into You), some historical dramas (including The Girl with the Pearl Earring), animation (The SpongeBob SquarePants Movie), documentary (she coproduced The Whale with ex-hubby Ryan Reynolds and sang the Oscar-nominated song from Chasing Ice) and a goofy horror comedy (the fun but forgotten Eight-Legged Freaks). 

Here are some facts about Johansson's most popular movies:

Top Grossing: The Avengers ($1.5 billion worldwide)

Best Reviewed: Lost in Translation (95% Fresh on Rotten Tomatoes)

Best IMDb Rating: The Prestige (8.5/10)

Is one of the above your favorite? In a recent poll of users on Twitter, others that were mentioned as her best movie include Match PointThe Girl with the Pearl Earring and Her, in which she gives a purely vocal performance. And I'm pretty sure I know someone who'll always have a soft spot for The Horse Whisperer, where she acted for and alongside her Winter Soldier costar Robert Redford.

Chime in with your pick below, and while you're at it, let us know whether you're more excited about the Captain America sequel or Under the Skin.


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