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What Are Mike and Sully Saying in the Japanese 'Monsters University' Trailer? We Translated It for You!

Disney has released a new Japanese trailer for Monsters University, their prequel to Monsters, Inc. Promotion is beginning to ramp up as the latest film from Pixar is due to arrive in theaters on June 21. 

Recently, Disney released a batch of posters and student IDs featuring characters from the film. We've also gotten a look at some of the footage in the film with a domestic teaser followed by a UK trailer.

This new trailer features some new footage and it looks like the story will definitely center on Mike Wazowski and the final moments of the trailer hint at how Sully and Mike's friendship come to fruition.

But what are they saying?! We've gone ahead and translated the trailer for you below.

Narrator: Do you remember the Monsters, Inc. adventure? This is the story of Mike and Sully before they became monsters who scared children.

Teacher: "Everyone, time to study. Let's see, the only one not here… is Mike."

Mike: "Sorry to keep you waiting!"

Monsters, Inc. Tour Guide: "This is Monsters, Inc.! "

Narrator: Everyone has a dream when they're a child.

Monsters, Inc. Monster: "If you want to become the best scary monster, you've got to go to Monsters University."

Narrator: The difficult thing is keeping that dream alive. Welcome to Monsters University!

Mike: "Sweet! Seriously?! I'm a college student!"

Narrator: This is an elite school that teaches students to become the scariest monsters. Monsters from all around the world yearn to be here.

Slug Monster: "The time has come!"

Mike: "My best friend is on the other side of this door…"

Sully: "That was awesome, huh? I'm Sully. Nice to meet you."

Mike: "Nice to meet you…"

Faculty Monster: The scaring tournament has begun.

Sully: "The superstar is here!"

Narrator: More than anybody, little Mike worked hard to make his dream come true.

Mike: "I'm going to be number one, no matter what!"

Dean Hardscrabble: "That's enough. You're not scary. You will never become a scary monster."

Mike: "In order to make my dream come true, I worked so hard by myself."

Sully: "Don't give up! There's got to be a way!"

Scott "Squishy" Squibbles: "Seriously? The human world?"

Text: Disney Pixar's New Movie

Little Girl: "You're cute!"

Professor Knight: "Human children are dangerous."

Dean Hardscrabble: "Turn off the power to the door."

Sully: "This is a disaster!"

Scott "Squishy" Squibbles: "Stop!"

Mike: "Hey everyone… if you don't give up… your dream will definitely come true, right?"

Dean Hardscrabble: "You won't be able to come back."

Voice-Over character: "Don't do it!"

Sully: "Mike!!"


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