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Watch Your Favorite Oscars Acceptance Speeches All Over Again

Let's face it: The best part of the Oscars usually has something to do with all those great, unexpected, emotional acceptance speeches – and while the Academy attempted to cut down the "thank yous" on stage by asking nominees to stick more to what the award meant to them, most ignored the new rule and, as always, used that time to thank the people who helped them get to that stage.

And aside from that weird Kanye "Imma let you finish" West moment during the acceptance speech for the Best Short Form Documentary (watch that here, and read about the aftermath here), the acceptance speeches last night were pretty tame, though highly emotional (lots of tears were flowing…but they were happy tears!). In case you missed any of the best ones, we've collected them right here for you to watch and reminisce…and use to draw up your own speeches if (and when) you're ever on that stage accepting an Oscar yourself.
Watch them below and let us know which acceptance speech was your favorite…
Jeff Bridges' Acceptance Speech

Sandra Bullock's Acceptance Speech

Mo'Nique's Acceptance Speech

Christoph Waltz's Acceptance Speech

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