Watch the First Trailer for 'Leprechaun: Origins'

Leprechaun: Origins

A bunch of young people staying at a cabin in the woods -- what could possibly go wrong? The self-aware trailer for Leprechaun: Origins acknowledges the stereotypical horror-movie premise before it delivers a few good jolts of its own.

The movie is the latest in a franchise that began back in 1993. The first film, simply titled Leprechaun, is probably best known for featuring Jennifer Aniston, shortly before she found stardom in TV's Friends. As a reminder, the original followed a leprechaun who ended up in America, in search of the gold that had been stolen from him.

The original spawned five sequels over the next decade before heading into an early retirement. Leprechaun: Origins reboots the series by going to Ireland; from the trailer, it appears that it is taking a more serious approach, lacking the wackier elements of the previous films. WWE wrestler Dylan Postl, aka "Hornswoggle," takes over the challenge of playing the titular character. The movie hits VOD on August 26.

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