Watch the First 10 Minutes of 'Easy A'

Depending on where you live, this weekend finds a number of new releases arriving in theaters – from the awards contender Never Let Me Go to the M. Night Shyamalan-produced Devil to the Ben Affleck-directed The Town to the deliciously adorable Emma Stone in Easy A, there should be something for everyone come Friday.

'Easy A'

To help make your movie-watching decisions a little easier on you, MySpace has debuted the first ten minutes of Easy A, which, based on the early reviews out of Toronto, is a really fun flick. Easy A stars Emma Stone as a girl who fake-hooks up with her high school's biggest nerds in order to help advance her social status at the school.
Currently enjoying an 82% Fresh rating at Rotten Tomatoes, here's what just a few critics have had to say about it so far:
"Easy A is zippy and clever and far more original than you thought a high school comedy could be." – CinemaBlend
"Steve Carell and Will Ferrell have nothing on Emma Stone. She doesn't need dirty jokes, farces or a cliché shtick to get the job done; she's just a natural." – Cinematical
"The movie belongs to Stone, that gorgeous, husky-voiced redhead. When most actors deliver nonstop patter, their mouths get ahead of their minds, but Stone's brain works so fast that her mouth can barely keep up." New York Magazine
Check out the first ten minutes of the film below and let us know what you think. Also be sure to check out Fandango's exclusive Easy A set visit! Did Easy A win you over, or will you be checking out something else this weekend?


'Easy A' First 10 Minutes Sneak Peek

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